About Neuon

Neuon, a trusted brand from Canbara Industries Pvt Ltd Silvassa, was founded in 2023. At Neuon, we are committed to delivering the highest quality appliances to our clients. Our products are crafted at our fully backward integrated facility in Silvassa, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. With over 45 years of experience in the appliance manufacturing industry, we have continuously adapted to the evolving needs of this dynamic market.

We proudly serve both the Indian and international markets, making life more convenient for homemakers with our superior products at competitive prices. Our reputation and customer trust have been built and strengthened through years of hard work and diligence. Leveraging our extensive experience, we meticulously plan and deliver the best appliances for our customers.

Today, Neuon is  offering a diverse range of kitchen & home appliances, including mixer-grinders, irons, fans, air fryers, blenders,. Our goal is to provide appliances that combine convenience and luxury in a cost-effective manner. Our journey is marked by constant improvement, innovative thinking, and meticulous planning, driven by dedicated teamwork. Our destination is to help our customers live comfortably with the best-in-class appliances.